Welcome to my BLOG!

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for taking a look at my new blog! My name is Tara Latham and it seems that I have been trying to write this introduction forever. Maybe it’s a little of writers block in combination with fear. However, I feel that I have a lot of good information to share so here it goes nothing.

A little about me. I am 35 and a momma of one. I currently work in a hospital as diet assistant. For fun, I coach at an all women’s fitness gym called Kaia Fit.  In addition to working as a diet assistant and a group fitness instructor,  I am a mindful body eating coach.

I am certified by The Institute of Psychology. I also have my bachelors degree in Nutrition and Food Science at Sacramento State University.  This led me to start my business, Topsoil Nutrition.  The name represents the natural necessity of a solid foundation to get rooted, our goals, whatever they are. In working with clients who struggle body image, weight,  eating disorders, and other health issues such as fatigue, digestion, and moodiness. My focus is a result oriented approach to assess and begin to work through the, food, dieting and eating issues, taking a holistic approach that integrates both nutrition and psychology.

I truly believe that life is all about balance, as you will see in my posts its not all about kale, quinoa and smoothies. I love a cheesy homemade pizza, and I never turn down french fries. Hey, my Momma was born in Italy so, MANGIA, MANGIA!!


In GOOD health,



2 thoughts on “Welcome to my BLOG!

  1. So proud of you Tara, you are an amazing person and anyone you work with will truly be blessed because you care. And yes, let’s stop all these fad diets and just live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy pizza too!


    1. Thank you! We have to have a pizza night soon too.

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