Current Fitness Journey

Typing this by simultaneously rocking my baby in his bassinet. Hopefully, when he falls asleep I can go outside for an hour and get a workout in. That’s if my almost 4 year old is truly taking her nap. You see,  I had a baby 8 weeks ago. Everyday is a true struggle to find that time to myself that I actually have enough energy to work out. I gave myself some grace the first few weeks post partum, but now I am over the excuses I have been giving myself and ready to get back to my pre-pregnancy strength!  I HAVE to make time for me, no matter what. Or this momma is going to break. So, I am making no excuses and getting my wiggles out too. Here is what I have planned for the week:

Monday- walk 45 min/at home workout

Tuesday- walking 45min, weights at home

Wednesday- cross training

Thursday- Barre/walking 45 min

Friday- yoga/pilates

Saturday- Family fun day (not sure what we will do yet)

Most of the classes I take outside of the home are between 45 min-1 hour. It is the only time I have, since I do bring baby with me in his stroller, and I cross my fingers that he stays asleep. The days that I walk are with my toddler. I am trying to get her endurance up as well, so we can go longer. She is pretty good on hikes in the forest, but when it comes to just walking she gets pretty bored.

Okay, that is all for now. And no, Lionel is not asleep yet, but Georgia is. So, I will bring him with me for a walk and hopefully he will fall asleep then so I can do weights and a Tabata when I get home!


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